The Prompter

December, 1997

Dressed upMy Fair Lady
A freak November snowstorm on opening night did little to put the damper on the Players' production of My Fair Lady. While most other local activities were canceled, the show went on as planned to an appreciative audience of over one hundred. All five subsequent performances sold out. The cast includes over 30 actors and actresses, some familiar Village Players faces and some new ones. Michael Wilkes was featured as Henry Higgins, and Patty Eischen played Eliza Doolittle. Brooks Campbell played Alfred P. Doolittle, and Ed Dunkel was Colonel Hugh Pickering. Wayne Gehman played Freddie Eynsford-Hill. Nadine San Antonio played Mrs. Pearce, and Robert Eggers and Michael Wilfert acted as Alphie's faithful sidekicks, Harry and Jamie. Lending their vocal skills to the Ascot chorus were: Dan Charlton, Penny Coutreau, Jackie Glidden, Beth Krainchich, Anne Levcrgood, Willie Mork, Jane O'Meara, Carol Pralle, Nathan Strong, Diane Sullivan. and Dean Richardson. The Cockney quartet included Harrison Moore, Corky Mork, Bob Cluett, and Wally Cluett. Henry Higgins' servants chorus included Amanda Michael, Jenn Piper. Sarah Breslin, Jackie Witham, and Paul Winckler. The rowdy street chorus featured many singers and dancers, including Debbie Dembiec, Millie Gawlicki, Bonnie Cooper, Sam Dunkel, Brigitte Gehrlig, Nick and Nate Grondin, Bob Pralle, Robin Swift, John Gillette, and Alice Tuttle.

You did it!!!

The show was directed by Carol Light, and produced by Carol Bense. Kelly Eggers returned as choreographer for her third Village Players musical, and Carol Bense once again served as vocal coach in this musically challenging production. Diane Ducret and Karen Haeger were stage manager and assistant stage manager, respectively. Corky Mork was in charge of set design and construction.All I want...

Paint Job


If you've driven by the theater lately, you'll notice a sparkling facade that really improves the neighborhood. On September 29 and 29 and October 5, spearheaded by Carol Bense, a crew of Village Players swarmed over the lower part of the building and scraped, sanded, primed and painted. Huzzahs and thank-yous go to Carol and her crew: Wayne & Louise Gehman, Ann & Jack Levergood, Bob & Carole Pralle, Diane Ducret & Megan Brady, Corky & Willie Mork, Bob Cluett & Marilyn Lash, Michael & Steven Wilkes, Richard Croteau, John Hartog, Helen White, Dean Richardson, Betty Sherwood, Nadine San Antonio, Paul Winckler, Susan Pohl, Jean Plummer and Jerome Holden. If we've left out anybody who helped, "sorry!"

Take a peek at the BLUE ROOM at the top of the stairs. Willie Mork, Nadine San Antonio and Diane Sullivan gave the walls and woodwork a fresh coat of paint. Looks good! Thank you, ladies.


Because of the financial support the Players has received to date (over $160,000 in donations and pledges), we were able to get some much-needed major repairs made. First, we had the main roof replaced. The old roof was leaking in many places and rapidly deteriorating. In some areas there were three layers of old shingles; other areas were down to the sheathing! The wood under the shingles was repaired as needed, but was generally in excellent condition. Our next big project was to replace the old steam heating system. Thanks to Don Hughes, who gave his time and expertise to engineer a modern oil-fired hydronic/hot air system, which will be expanded in future months to provide air conditioning and ventilation as well. The new system (which is still a work in progress) provided quick, efficient heat for My Fair Lady. Members of the Building committee have been busy at work doing other repairs and improvements to our building. The stairs on either side of the proscenium were removed, giving up much-needed space offstage. New wiring was added for stage lights, and a new main curtain and traveler was purchased and installed. Missing shingles on the south side (by the phone company) have been replaced. Thanks, Richard Croteau! Dean Richardson has also been busy keeping our seats intact, and he also managed to get the upstairs bathroom (off the Green Room) functioning. Many cast members were relieved!


The Akermans of Moe's Sandwich Shop on Center St., designated October as Village Players Month at Moe's. A portion of their Monday sales in October, $100., was donated toward buying our new stage curtains. Di Hopewell and Leigh Roessiger, local Doncaster Fashions representatives, assisted by Mary Ann Jasienowski, held a 3-day benefit Doncaster gift showing and sale in early November with 20% of the proceeds to be donated to The Village Players' building fund. Heartfelt thanks to these community-minded business folks!


Village Players T-shirts have arrived. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and may be purchased for $10 per shirt. Proceeds will go to our Building Fund. See Carol Bense or Willie Mork.



(answer elsewhere in this issue)


Elections for the Village Players 1998 Board will take place at the annual meeting, Sunday, December 7 at 6:00 (see related story). The Nominating committee has selected the following slate for 1998:

President: Carol Light
Vice President: Michael Wilkes
Secretary: Diane Ducret
Treasurer: Carol Bense
Past President: Corky Mork
Members at Large: Helen White, Jane O'Meara

If you would like to nominate anyone else, including yourself, come to the annual meeting, of contact Willie Mork at 569-2687.

MFL Trivia

  • The London backdrop included an outhouse.
  • The recorded gibberish used in "Hymn to Him" was a sped up reading of "The Cremation of Sam McGee".
  • No rubber chickens were harmed in our production.
  • Charming...Where you live...

    Your 1997 Board of Directors

  • President Corky Mork 569-5726
  • Vice President Carol Light 569-4814
  • Treasurer Carol Bense 569-1396
  • Secretary Diane Ducret 569-5726
  • Past President Michael Wilkes 569-4814
  • Members at Large Helen White 569-3870
  •                              Bob Cluett 569-3826
  • Last issue's Whoizzit Helen White
  • This issue's Whoizzit Marilyn Lash
  • Contacting us:
    In addition to the phone numbers listed above, you may call our theater at 569-9656. If there's no one there, you can leave a message. You can also email us at, or visit our web site at

    6:00 p.m., Sunday December 7th

    Be sure not to miss our 1997 annual general membership meeting at our theater. It will be a Pot Luck (yes, the stove is working!), and will include a short business meeting, at which time we will elect officers for 1998. Everyone is invited, (though only paid members may vote), and dues for 1998 will be accepted ($10 for individuals, $17 for families). You'll have a chance to buy a VP T-shirt (Christmas is coming!), and visit with the gang, and there will be plenty of good food and conversation!

    Come and show your support!

    Done her in...