The Village Players' Theater,
Glendon St., Wolfeboro
Ticket booth

Front view Built in 1888, our building started out as a Unitarian Church. It was purchaced in 1911 by the Masons, and was renovated for use as their meeting place. It served the community for movies, theater, receptions, classes, dances, auctions, Bingo, and many other activities. The Village Players used the building many times while the Masons owned it, and were able to buy it in January, 1995 when it went up for sale.
After a number of alterations, we were able to re-open the theater to the public in the summer of 1996. There still remains much more to do, to maintain the building's integrity, safety, comfort, and appearance. Future plans include an upgraded heating and cooling system, as well as permanent seating on a tiered floor to improve comfort of our audiences. Stage
Refreshment area
Our Home Needs a Name!
Our name-the-building committee has come up with the following possibilities:
The Theater on Glendon Street
The Village Playhouse
The Village Theater
The Theater
The PooBah Palace
Wolfeboro Center for the Arts
The Athenian
The Actors Place
The Village Players Theater
Or ??? What do you think? Contact committee chairman Bob Cluett, 569-3826.